Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer has begun!

Summer finally feels like it has begun! Jackson, Kyle and I are currently in College Station at my parents new house in King Oaks. It is VERY nice! I always love being in CS. It never gets old. I could move here. Texas A&M is home. :) 

On Wednesday we are leaving for the Frio River. It's our family reunion for my mom's side of the family. It's a blast! We all look forward to driving up to our cabins as we instantly feel all of the stress we have been carrying all year dissipate. We jump out of the car and hurry to be first in the cabin. There is nothing like opening the cabin door and smelling the fresh Cedar wood. Although the cabins are not all new, the cedar still smells freshly cut. After unloading the car we put on our swim suits, load up on some SPF, grab some beer and a lawn chair and head down to the river to claim our spot for the weekend by putting up our large A&M canopy. It's always a race against the other vacationers to get the best spot down by the river. Let's just say our family usually wins, and we end up with the most coveted spot in the river. 

We spend All weekend either floating the river or sitting in a chair that is sunk halfway down in the river, wedged between some rocks. We soak up the sun,throw some cold ones back, jump off the rope swing, converse and joke around with family and friends, and listen to some good ole' country tunes. After a few hours you come no one has gotten up to walk back to the cabin to go pee?? HAHA

 In my mind, there is nothing more relaxing than floating down the river in a tube, and closing my eyes while I enjoy the feeling of the sun warming my skin. With one hand on a cold beverage and the other resting behind my head with George Strait or Alan Jackson playing at a camp site close by. To me, that must be what heaven is like. Instead of walking up to the gates one day, I imagine we will float up.

I am very excited to introduce Jackson to my favorite week of the year (Frio Week). I am sure that it will easily become his favorite week as well. At the same time, I am sad that John will not be with us. This would have been his 5th year to come! He will be very envious of all of us having a blast at the river while he is still stuck in Afghanistan. Boo! It is time for him to come home!

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