Monday, June 17, 2013

Good Friends, Good Food, and The Bachelorette

Tonight I invited some girl friends over to watch The Bachelorette. You know, it's that show where a girl tries to find her husband by going on elaborate dates in exclusive locations with tons of men. Basically, it is not realistic. Hence the reason why only a few of the couples have made it past the show. However, none of that makes watching the show any less interesting. Actually, us girls love it! We love to sit around the TV, drink wine with the girls, and dissect every second of each episode. So, naturally I was ecstatic that 9 of my girls were coming over and bringing wine and a pinterest dish to share.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to have girls over. Everyone was marveling over how adorable Jackson is (duh lol) and reassuring me that I should not cut his hair. Jackson's long luscious baby curls have become a topic of conversation with every single person I come in contact with these days. Either they have seen him in person or on Facebook and just can not believe how much hair he has. He is my first child, so to me it is normal. I guess I am not used to looking at babies all the time. I was unaware that it was unusual to have a full head of curly hair at 5 months old. Everyone kept telling me that his hair would fall out or he would develop a bald spot on the back of his head from sleeping on his back. Well, none of that happened. Instead, his hair just grew longer and began to curl at the ends. Basically, he is absolutely precious and I am obsessed with him. haha. Anyyyywayys, the girls and I had fun talking all about Jackson and some of them were meeting him for the first time. He loved every second of the attention he was getting from these pretty ladies. Some of the girls came upstairs with me to watch his bedtime routine (bath, bottle, bed). After Jackson went to bed, we turned The Bachelorette on. I had it on DVR so we could skip the commercials (Thank Goodness!). I had a great time drinking wine with the girls while analyzing each man on the show.

Sore Throat Update: The antibiotics did not seem to work. I was on day 5/6 of a double z-pack when my mother-in-law told me that she had the same symptoms as me last year and antibiotics did not work for her. Instead, she just took an antihistamine and it dried up whatever drainage she had and her throat stopped hurting. I dug through my medicine cabinet to look for anything I had that said Antihistamine on it. When I saw that bright pink box I knew I had struck gold. Benadryl. I immediately took 2. The box says 1 to 2. Which in my book, means take 2. Literally 45 minutes later my throat pain went from a 7 to a 3. It was amazing. All this sore throat drama the past few days over drainage from allergies? seriously??? I am still taking the Benadryl until my throat pain goes to a 0. Another plus is that I sleep like a baby while on it. No wonder my mom gave it to us before long car trips when we were kids! HA!

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