Monday, August 12, 2013

Verde Coffee

Before we left for Galveston, John and I decided to drive through Starbucks. He would have his first cup of really awesome coffee in over a year. We pulled up to the speaker and I ordered my usual Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte. John leans out of the window and says, "uhh I'll have a Verde Coffee." The lady on the other end says, "umm a grande coffee?" John replied, "uhh yeah. Sure." I looked at him eyebrows scrunched in my state of confusion, wondering why my husband had attempted to order a green coffee in Spanish. "John. Verde Coffee?" I questioned. He laughed and said, "haha I meant to say Venti Coffee." I was relieved to know that green coffee was not some new weird favorite drink that he had picked up while living in the slums of Afghanistan for 9 months. Lol 

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